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The Cursillo community of Oakland was founded by Roman Catholics and primarily recruits from that denomination. Applicants from other Christian communities are welcome to apply, but all applicants should be willing to participate in all of the spiritual and educational practices, and understand that they will be asked to contribute their own faith experiences and insights to the discussions.

First and foremost it is the sponsor's responsibility to discern the candidate's readiness for a Cursillo Weekend. Cursillo is a call to lay leadership. Is your potential candidate curious about searching, discovering and growing in faith? Will the candidate be open to the present moments of the weekend? Honest about their spiritual journey? If so, is the candidate in a good place emotionally? If the candidate is in a time of stress or turmoil, it may not be the right time to make a weekend.


Interested in working a weekend? Submit this form to the Secretariat. Address is located below. You can also email this form to the email address on the form.