Oakland English Cursillo Secretariat

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What is the Secretariat?

The Secretariat is the administrative organizational arm of the Oakland English Cursillo Movement. Each Cursillo Movement (English, Hispanic, Filipino, etc.) within the Oakland Catholic Diocese has its own Secretariat. The responsibility of the Secretariat is to insure that the Cursillo Movement is alive and well and following the guidelines of the founding fathers.

The Officers of the Oakland English Cursillo Secretariat meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

To contact the Oakland English Cursillo Secretariat, you can email the Lay Director.

Current Secretariat Officers:

Lay Director: Heidi Shelton
Associate Lay Director: Bob Lanuza
Secretary: Mary Kessler
Treasurer: Barbara Gross
Pre-Cursillo Chairperson: Louie Archuleta
Cursillo Weekend Co-Chairpersons: Marlene Wilson
  Craig Wilson
Post Cursillo Committee: Dreana Alaniz
  Nita Volker
  Wayne Leandro
  Kelleen Bush
Communications Chairperson: Denise Jin
School of Leaders Chairperson: Open
Music Chairperson: Rafael Palacios
Past Lay Director: Al Limberg
Palanca Chairperson: Geri Tong
Registrar: Jackie Palacios
Spiritual Director: Fr. Leo Edgerly