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August 2017

2017 National Encounter & 60th Anniversary Highlights - The 27th National Cursillo Encounter was held at Trinity University in the Archdiocese of San Antonio in Texas during July 27-30, 2017. The Encounter was an enlightening and spirit-filled experience with 740 Cursillistas from 7 language groups from all over the United States gathered in one place to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Cursillo in the USA. The Encounter was blessed with the presence of 4 Bishops, more than 50 priests and several deacons and 4 International guests. The Encounter was also an opportunity to share in friendship and continue the journey towards a unity of purpose and understanding of the Charism of Cursillo, its Founder, and its History. (click here for more)

June 2017

In Loving Memory - Thomas Eugene Sarg, 64, of Mount Carmel, IL passed away peacefully on Monday, May 22, 2017 in his home with his loving family by his side.

In 1992, Tom was named the Executive Director of the National Cursillo Movement. He served in this position until 2003, during which time he traveled throughout the United States and in several countries in furtherance of the Movement. (click here for more)

April 2017

The Contribution of Cursillos in Christianity in the Renewal of the Parish
Source: Eduardo Bonnin Aguilo Foundation (FEBA). An intervention by Eduardo Bonnin at the General Assembly of the Pontifical Council for the Laity in Rome, September 21-23, 2006.

I have no other merit than to witness to what I have lived since the beginning to the present, that is, a journey of over sixty years of the Cursillos in Christianity Movement.

Cursillos in Christianity, through the grace of God, the prayers of many and the firm will of a
few others, have enabled men and women to be conscious of being persons and therefore, to
have a receptive ability to understand the Good News that God in Christ loves us. (click here for more)

Feb 2017

America in Our Pilgrimage
Source: Eduardo Bonnin Aguilo Foundation.

Clausura of the first Cursillo in history almost 40 years ago, on that small island in the ancient Mediterranean Sea that is Mallorca, one of the leaders manifested in a bold and almost daring expression the certainty of success and the conviction of the universality that characterized that small group of laymen that were beginning the Movement. "We won't stop until we've held a Cursillo on the Moon!" (click here for more)