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February 2021

100 YEARS Part 5 - Biography and Mentality - The year 1947 came and Fr. Juan Hervás Benet was appointed auxiliary Bishop of Mallorca by the Holy See with the right to succession. Fr. Juan Hervás immediately made contact with the embryonic reality of the Cursillos and was captivated by the spirit, the joy and the dynamism of the group that Eduardo Bonnín led. Later, in November of the same year of 1947, Fr. Sebastián Gayá was designated Diocesan Advisor to the Youth of Mallorca. (click here for more)

December 2020

100 YEARS Part 4 - The First Cursillo - Despite the many difficulties, the FIRST CURSILLO IN HISTORY was born. It was a moment of grace, a moment of charism, but also as a result of much prayer. The first Cursillo is known as the Cursillo of Cala Figuera, because they were referred to, at that time, according to the place where they were celebrated. The Cursillo was carried out in a villa of Cala Figuera, called Mar y Pins, and took place during August 19-22, 1944. (click here for more)

October 2020

100 YEARS Part 3 - Study of the Environment - Eduardo’s Study of the Environment was the beginning and origin of everything that came afterward. It makes sense because his work transcended the nucleus of the people around him and attracted the attention of the rector of the diocesan seminary, José Rosell Santoma, who invited Eduardo to present the Study of the Environment to a group of seminarians and priests. Eduardo gave the rollo at the Seminary in Palma, on December 8, 1943, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. It was the first time that Eduardo presented it in public, and as he tells us, “it was something that caused a certain impact on that audience.” (click here for more)

August 2020

100 YEARS Part 2 - Birth and Early Years - Eduardo Bonnín Aguiló was born in Palma de Mallorca on May 4, 1917 in the family home where, until recently, Niza bar was located, in the heart of a Catholic family dedicated to the semi-wholesale trade and export of grains and nuts. He was the second of 10 children. One of his brothers became a Priest and one of his sisters became a Vowed Religious. In the early years, Eduardo received an intense religious education from his parents. His first studies were in the French School, in the La Salle Academy and his intellectual formation came from the Augustinian Fathers, and especially with professors that his parents paid to teach him at home. (click here for more)

June 2020

100 YEARS Biography and Mentality - This newsletter and future newsletters will feature excerpts from a book published by OMCC in 2017, 100 Years, Biography, and Mentality. What is hoped for, is that the message each person receives will create a hunger to explore further, to go deeper into the gift of Cursillos in Christianity, to help us know our Founder and reach a unity of purpose and understanding of the Foundational Charism. (click here for more)

April 2020

CURSILLO & CORONAVIRUS IMPACT STAYING CONNECTED WHILE MAINTAINING SOCIAL D I S T A N C E - The peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7). (click here for more)

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